about me

I’m Jessica Brown, Founder & Owner of Anchored in Faith. I'm so glad you're here.
I started Anchored in Faith in hopes of encouraging others by providing tools to foster a stronger, intimate relationship with God. Tools which include, Books, Prayer Journals, Devotionals and the Faith Based Daily Planner!

My prayer is that the tools created here at Anchored in Faith will be a blessing in growing you & your family’s personal relationships with God.

What is means to be Anchored in Faith?
In ancient times, the anchor was a symbol of safety & security. Even now, if you think about the anchor of a boat/ship, it is there to secure the vessel to prevent it from drifting away. In the book of Hebrews, it symbolizes HOPE.

The word of God is where I find my safety. In His presence daily is where I find my rest. The God I serve is sure and steadfast. Strong and trustworthy. He is where I place ALL of my hope.

I am anchored in my faith to the Lord. 

More About Jessica
Jessica is originally from Atlanta, Georgia but currently lives in California with her husband Thomas (currently a football coach for the Los Angeles Rams ) and their three boys. 

You can leave us a message below or contact us by email at anchoredinfaith@jessicaabrown.com

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