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GET. YOU.ONE. I am on day 3 with this gem and my whole world has fallen into place. May as well get used to me talking about it now cause this planner is an instant staple.

Chatela Monae

I really love my planner. It is extremely nice and well thought out.


I love my planner! It is so pretty. I love the amount of space it has to write everything for the day.

Yvonne Pearson

Best Planner out there.

Nardia Mendosa

I love my planner! My friend wants one too...


I love having the dinner plans and prayer notes on the same page! Helps me keep perspective on why we do all of the things.

Louise Brown

I finally finished my old flex planner and unwrapped your Anchored in
Faith Planner this morning like it was Christmas! Aside from your video,
I didn't know what the inside experience was truly like until this
morning. I've had it for a few months now and I must say, it is PERFECT!
It's going to be a stunning addition to my prayer and planning
time.Every bit is so thoughtful. Thank you for creating this tool and I
look forward to seeing your expansion!

Kel Cadet

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