Having FAITH while you wait


Sometimes we try to do things in our own power and become frustrated and discouraged. But when God has called us to do something, we most definitely need His help when trying to carry it out. That means doing things His way. Doing things God's way might require us to go through a waiting period-- and having faith while we wait. In this case, faith is simply letting go and allowing God to do His thing behind the scenes! But while we wait ,we prepare so when God says go, we're ready to move and put in the work! For me, sharing his word, goodness and encouraging women through my writing became that something. It became second nature to me and words and inspiration began to flow. Today I am thankful for this passion and pulling on my life because I know what it feels like to wait, and I also know that I will go through another phase in my life where I will have to wait, yet again. So right now, I rejoice in doing! So if you're waiting on God, remember to keep the faith while you wait. Be encouraged that when you put your trust in God. He is always on time!

Jessica A. Brown

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