Back to Homeschooling We Go😊

Back to Homeschooling We Go😊

So, our family took a vote and decided on homeschooling this year. This isn't our first go round with homeschooling, so I kind of know what to expect.

My boys have attended schools in 7 different states and they are only headed to the 6th and 7th grade. They adjust very easily and ( thankfully) are great independent learners. Giving them the choice to homeschool, I feel, is the least we can do after dragging them across the country their entire childhood.

The mental and emotional health of our boys has always been a top priority for us, so we adjust as needed with our lifestyle.

Lots of prayer, planning and grace kicking in over here. *side-note* Juju ( our 4 year old) will continue to go to school!As of last week, he said he loves school. Hopefully, that won’t change anytime soon😊

The Curriculum for 2021/ 2022👇🏾

For Math, we are using Saxon Math. We have used this math curriculum before and I really liked it. The boys did really well with it and when they went back to public school, they were on target and/or ahead in some areas.

MATH 7/6 & Algebra 1/2 are the books we are using for grades 6 & 7.

For Science, Social Studies and Literature we are using books from BJU Press. We have used BJU Press for English before but this is the first time we are using it for Science and Social Studies. They both have great reviews, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

For me, the key to having a successful year homeschooling starts with attitude and intention. I hear so many comments, both positive and negative, on the homeschooling journey. I try to block out the negativity and remember that, just because someone else had a difficult experience doesn't mean the same will be true for me. My experience in the past was positive, and the boys learned a lot and enjoyed being home. I personally enjoy having my boys home. It just works for us at the present moment. So cheers to another year of education and for every family doing what works best for them!❤️

Are you homeschooling? If so, what curriculum are you using?

With love,


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  • Jane Crawford

    I actually have never home-schooled, however, I have friends who do/have and all of their kids have come out extremely well. Seeing your blog, I would certainly recommend home-schooling especially in this day and time. It sounds like you are doing a great job!

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