“For you are our glory and joy.” - 1 Thessalonians 2:20


These days, happiness is hard to come by. We live in a world where we’ve been taught that being happy is attained by status, milestones …goals that we set for ourselves.

Although these ideals are slowly beginning to clash with reality, it’s still hard for many to shake.

As individuals begin to reach their goals, gain material wealth, and status, most find themselves empty. Completely void of the happiness that they thought they would have gained through superficial things. Constantly reaching for more fulfillment, more "happiness" but will continue to met a dead-end. 

Since the global pandemic, I think people are starting to see that happiness is finding gratitude in the things that money can’t buy, like family and good health.

 Of course, we should celebrate our success but the substance that flows from our hearts shouldn't bank on our accomplishments. Our happiness shouldn't be grounded there. 

The way we have been conditioned to think about happiness is the way we've been conditioned to view success. We are taught that they go hand in hand. Without God, maybe they do. But with God, this is far from being the case. God gives us joy. The kind of feeling, substance and understanding that is not of this world.

Joy is a delight and exuberance that is unexplainable. The scripture says that joy is found in God, with God and through God. That sentence all in itself is a breath of fresh air. Our Abba is our eternal joy. The glory we can only attain by knowing Him. By understanding His character. By spending time at His feet, in worship and adoration. You don’t have to have status, money or some sort of fame. God wants to give it to you freely. What an amazing blessing, right?!

I pray that you don't get caught up in the rat race of this world. Go after your dreams, yes! Chase after your goals BUT don't let it replace the joy that only a relationship with the very one who created you can give. Let us pray for joy, because our Abba wants us to have it!!!

Jessica A. Brown

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I ask that you fill my life with joy. The kind of joy that is found in your presence. I pray that you keep me in the midst of your splendor and glory. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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