A Father who Forgives

“ I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins.” Isaiah 43:25

We live in a very unforgiving world. Everything we do is tracked. Our words, our actions, the things we do, the things we don’t do, seems to be under a microscope. We live in a culture where if you make a mistake, forgiveness isn’t easily attained. Today, we call it "cancel culture." 

Isaiah 43:25 tells us that our Heavenly Father works in a unique way, contrary to the ways of the world. Not only does the scripture say that He will "blot out our transgressions", but also will not remember them. This definitely is on the other end of the spectrum from where we sit in this world. What continues to amaze me is this lovely complexity of God our Father. Imagine telling someone who has possibly betrayed you that not only will you forgive them, but you will erase the memory of betrayal and disappointment from your thoughts.

I don’t know about you, but it blows my mind just thinking about it. The way human emotions are set up, it’s almost impossible for us to erase a hurtful memory from our brain. Us, mere humans, are still working through the very THOUGHT of forgiveness. To have someone who loves you this much! Enough to start anew after betrayal, disappointment —in this case sin - is a mighty miracle known as God’s grace. We have a Father who loves us so much that He is willing to not only forgive us, but to erase our transgression as well. A Father who is asking us to come to Him, in our unholiness, and not only will we be taken in, but we will be completely cleansed. I mean, can you imagine? I hope you can!

You have a Father who is ready to forgive and take you in. Tattered and dirty, he will cleanse you and love you back to life. Our Abba forgives.


Prayer: Abba, thank you for the gift of forgiveness. As, I turn away from the things that are unpleasing to you, I ask for forgiveness. Forgive me and cleanse me, Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.



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